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Australian Workplace Rights

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When it comes to unfair dismissal, sexual harassment, workplace bullying, and even discrimination, they are at times comlex topix when understanding where you stand and what support you have available. This blog shares some of the latest news, cases, and support tools to help employees.

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Why Lodge an Unfair Dismissal Claim

Are you wondering whether you should lodge an unfair dismissal claim through the Fair Work Commission? Understand the top reasons why you should take action.

Redundancy Pay: Some Important Facts You Need to Know

We’ve seen a lot of companies in the past two years suffer the brunt of a worldwide health crisis. As a result, several businesses had to make drastic changes to survive, including layoffs, mergers, and other solutions to stay afloat in the new normal.  If you’re being considered for a layoff, your company has aContinue reading “Redundancy Pay: Some Important Facts You Need to Know”

unfairly dismissed

Misunderstandings about Firing a Probationary Employee

Several common misconceptions surround an employee’s dismissal whilst working through their probationary period. Many employers believe they are protected from any claims brought forward after dismissing an employee and do not need to supply a reason for the dismissal. 1. Dismissal Without Providing a Reason Acquiring protection after an employer dismisses an employee without reasonContinue reading “Misunderstandings about Firing a Probationary Employee”

workplace discrimination

What Is Workplace Discrimination and How Is It Recognised

Everyone has the right to work in a safe and free environment from harassment, bullying, and discrimination. Unfortunately, such behaviour is still widespread in Australia. Discriminatory behaviour causes more than emotional stress; it creates a hostile workplace culture. Understanding Workplace Discrimination According to a recent study, 45 per cent of workers in Australia experience moreContinue reading “What Is Workplace Discrimination and How Is It Recognised”

unfair dismissal vic

What You Should Know About Employer Obligations For Flexible Working Requests

A flexible workplace can help both employers and employees by improving the quality of their lives. Employees can work faster and more efficiently, which may boost productivity and improve their attitude towards work. With proper communication about their minimum entitlements, employers and employees can agree on making the workplace flexible. However, employees have the rightContinue reading “What You Should Know About Employer Obligations For Flexible Working Requests”

unfair dismissal Melbourne

A Guide to Your Options When Treated Unfairly at Your Workplace

A workplace must be a domain of collaboration, productivity, and harmony where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. However, if your workplace is filled with harassment, bullying, and discrimination, your employer must listen to your concerns and take action right away to foster a positive work environment. The unfortunate reality is that not allContinue reading “A Guide to Your Options When Treated Unfairly at Your Workplace”

fair work commission

What You Should Know About the Fair Work Commission in Australia

Hardworking employees in Australia strive to move their careers forward and earn a proper living, but not all companies and their respective employers make the nine-to-five work mould an easy experience. Some have unfair workplace conditions that can cause honest employees to suffer mentally, emotionally, and financially; that’s why the Fair Work Commission in AustraliaContinue reading “What You Should Know About the Fair Work Commission in Australia”

unfair dismissal claim Australia

How the Fair Work Act in Companies Works for Unfair Dismissal

If an employee chooses to leave a company voluntarily, but the employer initiates the whole termination, it is referred to as constructive dismissal. It sometimes happens because the employer committed a breach of contract that granted the employee the right to resign due to their misconduct. In other words, it is somehow a forced resignationContinue reading “How the Fair Work Act in Companies Works for Unfair Dismissal”

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